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Microsoft making Multi-Factor Authentication Easier

Microsoft is looking into saving you time when using MFA to log in to your account. While using MFA is a minor chore that provides significant protection for your account, Microsoft wants to save you those extra seconds.

There are several MFA methods available today. These include an MFA application, such as Microsoft's Authenticator, which provides time-based codes that change every 30 seconds. Security codes can also be sent by phone call, SMS, or email. There are even special USB keys that plug into your computer and allow you to use your fingerprint or faceID.

However, Microsoft is striving to improve the game by building MFA directly into the Outlook app. This feature is called Authenticator Lite and while there is no news of when this feature will be out, we will make sure to update you when Microsoft announces any future plans.

While we wait for Microsoft to implement its new MFA it is important to use a current form of MFA to protect your apps and online accounts. The additional security protects against the majority of today's cyber threats.

For more help and advice about implementing MFA or learning about the different Microsoft 365 business tools, get in touch with one of our reps at Sound VoIP & IT.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

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