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Ransomware disguising its self as a Windows Update

Imagine you're working away on your PC. You see a prompt for a Windows update. But when you install it, you're infected with ransomware.

That’s the nightmare caused by an emerging cybersecurity threat. Big Head ransomware masquerades as a Windows update.

Here is how to protect yourself from ransomware and similar threats

  • Keep Software and Systems Updated

  • Verify the Authenticity of Update

  • Backup Your Data

  • Use Robust Security Software

  • Educate Yourself and Others

  • Enable Firewall and Network Security

  • Be Wary of Pop-Up Alerts

  • Keep an Eye on Your System

  • Have a Response Plan

Always Keep an Eye on your System

If you notice your PC doing any of the following let your IT department or manager know right away, as it maybe a sign your computer has been infected with ransomware.

  • Unexpected system slowdowns

  • File changes

  • Missing files or folders

  • Your PC’s processor “whirring” when you’re not doing anything

Interested in a cybersecurity audit? Give us a call today to schedule a chat.

Article information from The Technology Press

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