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VoIP White Glove Installation

We understand that sometimes as an agent you need an extra set of hands. That’s why we support other Telecom Agents via our VoIP White Glove Installation services. We will service your existing customers with the same level of professionalism they have come to expect from your company, and will keep in contact with you throughout the process - from pre-install assistance to post-install support.

Our White Glove VoIP Installation Services offer telecom businesses expert support through the three phases of VoIP Installation:

• Pre-Install

Site Survey

• We check for adequate network resources (wiring, switch, PoE) and prep a detailed floorplan in advance of the install.

• We conduct an in depth bandwidth assessment to ensure the customer has the best possible experience with their new VoIP service.

Assistance with programming information

• Assistance with developing Auto Attendant Script.

• Assist with recording a customer's new Auto Attendant greeting.

• Day of Installation

Phone Placement/Plug In

Packaging phones

• We'll box up your old phones so you can send them back to the losing provider (if applicable).

Basic User and Admin Training

• Our expert trainers will walk customers through how to use their new VoIP phones, both as a regular user and as an admin of the system.

• Post-Install

We provide 15 calendar days of remote post installation support at no additional cost to your client, and can get you set up with your own DID on our system, so your client credits you for the great support!

For more information on this service, please email

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