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Why every company is now a technology company

Every business needs some type of technology to operate, whether you are selling pet supplies or have a law firm.

Not only are companies in the business of selling their goods and services, but they also must master the digital tools that are used to help run the business. One study found that 98% of organizations surveyed stated that just one hour of I.T. downtime costs more than 100,000.

The reliance on technology means that every company is now a tech company.

8 reasons why every company is now a tech company

  1. Technology is a critical part of business.

  2. Customers expect an excellent digital experience.

  3. Employees need devices to drive productivity.

  4. AI & automation help companies stay competitive.

  5. Information is being generated at a rapid pace.

  6. Vendors/suppliers are leaving legacy systems behind.

  7. It's difficult to grow without tech innovation.

  8. Business continuity needs.

What does your technology roadmap look like?

Using technology securely and to its fullest can be a full-time job.

Call our Sound VoIP & IT team to help take that burden off your shoulders.

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